Publications sélectionnées

SIGGRAPH Asia, 2023

ACM TOG, 2022


CGF, 2019

ACM TOG, 2019


CVMP, 2016


. AdaptNet: Policy Adaptation for Physics-Based Character Control. SIGGRAPH Asia, 2023.

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. Constraint-based Simulation of Passive Suction Cups. ACM TOG, 2022.

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. Catching and Throwing Control of a Physically Simulated Hand. MIG, 2021.

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. Coupling Friction with Visual Appearance. PACM CGIT, 2021.

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. The Matchstick Model for Anisotropic Friction Cones. CGF, 2019.

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. Schur Complement-based Substructuring of Stiff Multibody Systems with Contact. ACM TOG, 2019.

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. Energized Rigid Body Fracture. PACM CGIT, 2018.

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. Comparison of Mixed Linear Complementarity Problem Solvers for Multibody Simulations with Contact. VRIPHYS, 2018.

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. Task-based design of cable-driven articulated mechanisms. SCF, 2017.

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. Ballistic shadow art. GI, 2017.

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. Real-time physics-based motion capture with sparse sensors. CVMP, 2016.

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. HAMLAT: A HAML-based authoring tool for haptic application development. EuroHaptics, 2008.