Blended linear models for reduced compliant mechanical systems


We present a method for the simulation of compliant, articulated structures using a plausible approximate model that focuses on modeling endpoint interaction. We approximate the structure’s behavior about a reference configuration, resulting in a first order reduced compliant system, or FORKS. Several levels of approximation are available depending on which parts and surfaces we would like to have interactive contact forces, allowing various levels of detail to be selected. Our approach is fast and computation of the full structure’s state may be parallelized. Furthermore, we present a method for reducing error by combining multiple FORKS models at different linearization points, through twist blending and matrix interpolation. Our approach is suitable for stiff, articulate grippers, such as those used in robotic simulation, or physics-based characters under static proportional derivative control. We demonstrate that simulations with our method can deal with kinematic chains and loops with non-uniform stiffness across joints, and that it produces plausible effects due to stiffness, damping, and inertia.

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics


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