HaptiCast: A physically based 3D game with haptic feedback


Modern haptic technology allows users to receive realistic kinesthetic and tactile cues in a computer generated environment. When applied to video games, it gives players a higher sense of immersion as well as new and interesting ways to interact with the game environment. In this paper, we present a game which acts as an experimental framework for assessing haptic effects in 3D games. In HaptiCast, players assume the role of a wizard with an arsenal of haptically-enabled wands which they may use to interact with the game world. We discuss the integration of haptic feedback in this first-person shooter style video game that uses a “vanilla” 3D game engine. The haptic rendering algorithms and effects used in our approach are presented, along with some non-haptic features which enhance this modality.

FuturePlay 2006

Runner-up for Future Game Technology and Design


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