Hervé Lombaert


Here are some pages (Old pages dating back from 2005) where I try to explain some topics related to my studies (explanations, examples, or tutorials).

Level set method: Explanation

The level set method is an elegant solution for interface tracking. This page explains what this is, and shows how to use it for segmentation.

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merge and split
medical heart
custom form
medical knee
surface evolution

Region based segmentation with levelsets

Edge based segmentations are intuitive since edges usually show an object boundary. However in some or many cases, edges are not sharp or are simply not there. Region based segmentations is a solution to this problem. Here is an example using a level set framework.

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region based
using gradient
closed contours
with noise
leak solved

Manual registration with thin plate splines

Here is a page that highlights the use of thin plate splines in image registration. Provided a few matching points, deformation can be recovered with thin plate splines.

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Energy minimization with Graph Cuts

Beyond being a powerful segmentation technique, Graph Cuts can be used for efficient energy minimization. This page explains the rough idea of the alpha-expansion and the alpha-beta-swap algorithm. Two examples are then ilustrated. One restoring a noisy image, and one recovered the deformation map between two images.

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