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 Department of Software and IT Engineering  
 École de technologie supérieure
 1100, Notre-Dame Street West
 Montréal, Québec
 Canada H3C 1K3

 Phone : +1 (514) 396
 Fax: +1 (514) 396 8684
 e-mail: Alain.Abran@ele.etsmtl.ca
 Office: 2740

Dr. Alain Abran is a Professor and the Director of the Software Engineering Research Laboratory at the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) - Université du Québec.

He is currently Co-executive editor of the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge project. He is also actively involved in international software engineering standards and is Co-chair of the Common Software Metrics International Consortium (COSMIC).

Dr. Abran has more than 20 years of industry experience in information systems development and software engineering. The maintenance measurement program he developed and implemented at Montreal Trust, Canada, received one of the 1993 Best of the Best awards from the Quality Assurance Institute.

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