Generalized Pixels

On June 14, 2002, I gave a talk at the DGP lab on Generalized Pixels. Abstract for the talk:

Ordinary pixels have a single attribute: colour. Varying this attribute over a 2D array of pixels enables the expression of imagery. In this informal talk, I will present alternative pixels that have additional attributes, such as size, shape, and orientation, and show how varying these attributes in isolation or in combination can produce imagery (not to mention visually interesting patterns). I will also demonstrate a paint program that supports a canvas of generalized pixels, including pixels with dynamic or interactive behaviour, and show how we can (in some sense) "paint behaviour" onto the canvas.


The research discussed in this talk was completed in 2001.

Postscriptum (August 2003) since presenting the above work, much related previous work by others has come to my attention. For details, email me.