Resonance Frequencies Behavior in Pathologic Cries of Newborns

Y. Kheddache, C. Tadj

In this paper a new approach for automatic quantification of acoustic parameters of healthy and pathologic newborns cries is presented. This study included F0, RF1, RF2, percentage and tuning duration, Transition duration , slope RF2 and RF1:RF2 ratio. The Results from statistical analysis revealed that distribution of these acoustics cry parameter depend on the pathology of newborn. In this work we have successful identify quantitative relationship between studied acoustics cry characteristics and studied diseases. Our conclusion from this work, that quantification of variability of these parameters is useful for differentiating pathologic cry from healthy cry of newborn. It can be use in early diagnostic of newborn diseases.

Keywords: newborn cry; resonances frequencies; tuning, transition duration, slope RF2, RF1:RF2 ratio.