Modeling Rules Fission and Modality Selection Using Ontology

A. Zaguia, A. Wehbi, M. Miraoui, C. Tadj, A. Ramdane-Chérif

Researchers in computer science and computer engineering devote a significant part of their efforts on communication and interaction between man and machine. Indeed, with the advent of multimedia and multimodal processing in real time, the computer is no longer considered only as a computational tool, but as a machine for processing, communication, collection and control. Many machines assist and support many activities in daily life.

The main objective of this paper is to propose a new methodological solution by modeling an architecture that facilitates the work of multimodal system especially for a fission module. To realize such systems, we rely on ontology to integrate data semantically. Ontologies provide a structured vocabulary used as support for data representation.

This paper provides a better understanding of the fission system and multimodal interaction. We present our architecture and the description of the detection of optimal modalities. This is done by using an ontological model that contains different applicable scenarios and describes the environment where a multimodal system exists.

Keywords: Multimodal system, Multimodal fission, Modality, Ontology, Interaction context, Pattern.