Dynamic Context-Aware and Limited Resources-Aware Service Adaptation for Pervasive Computing

M. Miraoui, C. Tadj, J. Fattahi, C. Ben Amar

A pervasive computing system (PCS) requires that devices be context-aware in order to provide proactively adapted services according to the current context. Because of the highly dynamic environment of a PCS, the service adaptation task must be performed during device operation. Most of the proposed approaches do not deal with the problem in depth, because they are either not really context-aware or the problem itself is not thought to be dynamic. Devices in a PCS are generally handheld, i.e. they have limited resources, and so, in the effort to make them more reliable, the service adaptation must take into account this constraint. In this paper, we propose a dynamic service adaptation approach for a device operating in a PCS which is both context-aware and limited resources-aware. The approach is then modeled using colored Petri Nets and simulated using the CPN Tools, an important step toward its validation