An Adaptive Multimodal Multimedia Computing System for Presentation of Mathematical Expressions to Visually-Impaired Users

A. Awdé, M. D. Hina, C. Tadj, Y. Bellik, A. Ramdane-Chérif

Presenting mathematical expressions to visually-impaired users is a challenging task because, unlike text, a mathematical expression is bi-dimensional and has some distinguishing characteristics. At present, the state-of-the art solutions present mathematical expressions to blind users in only one presentation format and without consideration of user’s context. In this work, we present mathematical expressions in more than one presentation format and consider the contexts of the user, his environment and this computing system as well as the nature of the expression itself and of the user’s preferences. The solution presented in this work is most efficient when users know how to work on many presentation formats. Unlike the current state-of-the art solutions, ours takes into account the user’s situation and not impose a solution that is not suitable to his context and capacity. This work is our original contribution to an ongoing research to make informatics more accessible to handicapped users.