The LATIS Pervasive Patient Subsystem: Towards a Pervasive Healthcare System

C. Tadj, M. D. Hina, A. R-Cherif, G. Ngantchaha

The cost of maintaining a universal publicly-funded healthcare system has always been astronomical. Our collaborative effort is aimed at applying information technology into the healthcare system with the goal of making the delivery of medical services more effective and more efficient and, also to contribute to the reduction in the cost of such delivery. A pervasive healthcare system is aimed at providing complete healthcare services – that of the diagnostics, medical prescriptions, and the pervasive tracking of a patient. The last component provides medical service to a patient whether he is in or out of the hospital or medical clinic. This paper is aimed at presenting the last subsystem only. The architecture, along with its components, is presented, analyzed and simulated under different scenarios. Other aspects of artificial intelligence such as the application of multi-agent system and pervasive computing are also applied in the system.