Context Handling in a Pervasive Computing System

C. Tadj, A. R.-Cherif, G. Ngantchaha

Pervasive computing poses a great number of issues to the research community. Different research teams have focused their activities on subsets of challenges, all pursuing the objective of deeply integrate computers in almost everybody everyday activities. Unfortunately, there is no coordination in this race through THE pervasive computing system. There may be good solutions to different pervasive computing issues out there, but there is no framework to integrate them in unique software architecture. There is also a lack of a generic global framework to start building a pervasive computing system. In this paper, we describe the LATIS Pervasive Framework (LAPERF), and its core module, the Context Awareness Manager. The LAPERF’s objective is to provide a base framework, and automating tools to developers intending to implement a pervasive computing application. A scenario is provided to illustrate how LAPERF can be used in healthcare application.